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Description of our Average User profile

The consumer is the final sale target for your business.


Average user profileOur portal about the house is preferred by an Average User that is an adult, who uses the internet for information about products, services and solutions in the industry of Home and Garden.

In the 72.5% of the cases he is also interested in DIY (though he is not an expert) and he uses our portal for advice on renovations and on the purchase of furniture, as well as for requesting advices about architect and design.

More than 50% of our registered users regularly use our design online program CADCASA (three versions) that lets you design your own house on the web and transmit the plan to our professionals to take advantage of our online design service.

The many free services allow our Guest to remain in our pages from a minimum of 13 minutes to a maximum of 70 for the design service CADCASA and a minimum of 3 minutes to a maximum of 11 for the automatic calculation of the renovation and for the Estimate online service, as well as for the specific news of the web site.

The return to the web site for each individual user registered to the services, is of at least two accesses per week with a peak of five connections weekly for the users who participate to the Forum, to the control of listings in the flea market, to the requests for online quotes and to the consulting through the architectural design program CADCASA.

In general, the daily access of registered users to the portal are in the order of 15/30%, leaving the remainder to new visitors, from tens of thousands of web pages indexed in the search engines worldwide, about news, tips, products price and services, restructuring costs and forum topics.

Profile of Average User recorded in our services and to the newsletter:


Our average user is positioned in an age very significant for almost all sectors of the renovation of the house and furniture and garden.
13 13ud         5353ud             3434ud
13% aged between 18 and 25;
53% aged between 26 and 50;
34% aged between 51 and 99;

Mature and adapted to receive commercial information of any sector of commerce and services, including insurance, financial, real estate.


The fair sex in recent years shows greater interest in the House 46%, compared to the stronger sex that, at the moment still resists with a 54% of our readers.
54 54u                                 4646d


The employee (worker) is superior to other professions with a percentage amount around the 35.30% followed closely by professionals totals with the 25.89%.


Of the latter a very high percentage only of the professionals, approximately 92% relates exclusively to architects, engineers, interior designers and surveyors.

Significant level of education (diploma, degree) for advertising of high visual impact.

ResidenceResidenza utente medio Lavorincasa.it


The 37% of our users are located in the province of Milan (18.56%) and Rome (18,60%), thus reflecting the national data of internet access.

In the third place is Turin with the 4.54%, Naples is the first city in the South with 4.43%.

For the islands Palermo rules the roost with the 2.54%.

The 96.85% of our users is still resident in Italy.

Sector of the house preferred by our users.

Sector of the house preferred by our usersThe 19% of our users prefer to relax in the living room, followed closely by the18% of those who prefer the kitchen.

That says a lot on the habit of our users who prefer the areas most frequented by the Italian family.

The bathroom follows at a distance with the 5%, while it is interesting the 52% who chose to receive news also on the internal renovation of the rooms and the 15% for news about the garden.

Traffic Data Lavorincasa.it

Traffic month: October 2015

Monthly users:                 2.157.796
Visited pages:                  5.490.272
Registered users:               239.340
Registered companies:        24.883

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