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E-marketing Direct Promotion

Reach our registered users by sending your promotional message by e-mail.

Our E-mail Marketing campaigns are effective, direct, immediate, economic and measurable and bring numerous advantages in a corporate business promotion strategy.

E-mail is widespread and statistics show that our users log into their account one or more times during the same day. The e-mail of our registered user is therefore a residential address of the final consumer and this allows advertisers to reach, with a persuasive message, the target audience potentially interested in the content.

Our email marketing campaigns are strategically planned to drive the expected return from the advertiser. We are careful to update the database of registered users, to comply with the legislation on privacy and e-mail sending to individuals, obviously avoiding any form of computer spam.

We plan every detail with the customer: from the target audience to the frequency of sending emails, monitoring and analyzing the results to quantify the return on investment, while providing a statistical report of the results at the end of the campaign.

Book now a promotional box in our monthly newsletter, in order to integrate your advertising communication into the sector information we transmit to our users.

You can also send your exclusive advertising "flyer" by choosing our Direct Email Marketing (DEM) service, relying on our Communication office to provide you with all the elements you need for the creation of very effective graphic templates.

Characteristics of the e-marketing service:

  • instantaneous, allows the advertiser to immediately reach the User;
  • less expensive than print marketing;
  • immediate monitoring of results with advanced reporting;
  • on request you can have a special design made by our graphic studio;
  • e-mail addresses guaranteed by Opt-in registration;
  • secure contact via Nweb Mail-up service.
  • View the latest Newsletters and DEMs
  • Check out the target of our average user

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