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Editorial articles on the house and garden

Publish an article to advertise your products or services on the web.

Articoli redazionali

The growing importance of information on the web has led to the success of the article marketing service, with which a company promotes its products and / or its brand on sectoral websites, through the publication of relevant articles.

This is serious, reliable and transparent information that influences the user's choices and trust in the most famous brands.

Our editorial team can boast twenty years of experience in journalism and in the drafting of sector texts and strongly believes in the importance of constant updating of its contents, in order to improve indexing on the web above all.

Original, relevant and always up-to-date content favors a satisfying experience for the user, who will be able to find the information he was looking for, both on our portal and through the main search engines.
Excellent SEO service to increase the Rank and the Google Authority of the company's web domain.

2 million Users per month read our 12,500 news published on the portal

The articles are written by our journalists, professionals in the sector, in order to integrate perfectly with the themes and graphics of the portal and therefore receive the utmost attention from our readers.
In fact, the user who reads our articles is interested in learning more about the details and characteristics of the products or services offered and therefore is always eager to receive further information from the advertiser company (minimum experiences).

For our readers the desire precedes the purchase, so the explicit interest is immediate right after viewing it on our website.
Then, from the disinterested curiosity, we move on to the search for additional information and the subsequent probable purchase, which does not necessarily happen immediately but also after a frenetic period of time of metabolization.
Therefore the "minimum experiences" must be transmitted through always visible contents (always-on) that must be constantly reviewed, as are the advice of our professionals in the sector.

Furthermore, our users can insert reviews or exchange opinions in the content of the article page and this, consequently, creates a relationship between the Brand and the customer, which must then be perfected with the response of the expert or by Customer Care of the advertiser.

To date, our articles have about 42,000 comments / reviews

* ATTENTION: We do not sell back links, especially permanent ones, but the opportunity to obtain direct links can be exploited through this editorial service.

Characteristics of the advertorial service:

  • Article (1200-1300 words) written by one of our journalists, a professional in the sector:
  • Full page width template without Sidebar (Full width);
  • Maximum exposure of the company's promotional references (logo and direct links) visible for 12 months on the article page;
  • Exposure on the Lavorincasa.it Home Page in the "Showcase of the day" and in the paragraph "Insights from the Editorial Team" for fifteen days;
  • Organic sharing on our Facebook page;
  • Web page indexing with the keywords contained in the title of the article;
  • Direct link insertions (do-follow and / or no-follow) to increase the Rank and the Google Authority of the advertiser's web domain;
  • The advertiser is able to respond to comments or requests from readers;
  • Possibility to insert the video from our Youtube channel;
  • Only advertiser in the Home, construction, furniture and garden sector, not casinò, sport,etc;
  • First publication cost 720 € ( 60 € / month) including all the services listed above. Renew for an additional 12 months just over 300 € (€ 25 / month);

    Optional Services:
  • Newsletter option: Sending article to our 175,000 registered users. Cost € 1,800;Option: purchases of articles already published on the portal and which enjoy excellent visibility in search engines;
  • Option: purchases of articles already published on the portal and which enjoy excellent visibility in search engines;
  • Option: creation of a 15-day promotional campaign on the Lavorincasa Facebook pagewith more than 120,000 Followers. One-time cost € 500.

    * The service lasts one year.
    The cost of the service is attributable exclusively to advertising references within the editorial article and precisely in the text links, links on photos, banners or advertising spaces contained on the web page. Promotional references that will be deleted in case of non-renewal of the service by the advertiser.
    The content of the article remains the intellectual property of the author in charge, with all the rights of exploitation by the Publisher.

Optional. Video interview + Advertorial article.

Ou clients can add the video interview on the page of an advertorial article written by one of our sector journalists.
Check out the features of the Video Interviews service.

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