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Banner Campaigns

Banner campaigns with high visibility thematically integrated in the information portal 

Campagna banner per il BrandingThe excellent integration between advertising and information related to the contents of the topics garden and house and the well-defined target of our average user, create a thematic consistency of the message contained in a promotional banner in the page that hosts them, testifying about the CTR on levels above the average.

Awareness and brand recall (Brand Awareness).

The 46 percent of our users recalls the banner (active memory, recall), and of these, just a lower percentage also remembers the brand associated with the banner, generating a consensus of the consumers comparable and higher than that of other media.

In fact a campaign banner on our pages is more actively visible than advertising on television and on the press, greatly increasing brand awareness even on products that the user doesn't know and rather strengthening the established brands.

Our Active User that has a spontaneous recall of the brand, of the promotion of the commercial content in the banner, contrary to the "passive" User of other media, which involuntarily "suffers" the promotion of TV, radio and press, not performing any immediate action than storing through the hearing and the view, the advertising message.

Then you get a favorable response from our average visitor who is ready to actively click on the appropriate advertising space for more information on the characteristics and prices of the promoted product or service.

Campagna banner per il CTR
Banner campaigns that invite the user to take action (Click-through rate)

Not all companies need only brand awareness and their attention can be addressed also, and above all, to the results of the CTR and that is to the percentage of how many times the banner is clicked compared to the number of times that the visitors see it.

So, banner campaigns aimed at e-commerce companies or artisan companies, which have exclusive requirement to bring visitors to their website, without taking interest in brand awareness

Also in this case, the banner campaigns on prove to be of great value to those who have this need.

Choose the right formula for your business and for your budget.

We manage on our own, with our marketing department, offers for any request for advertising campaign, providing a timely quote and any other information on the needs of each advertiser.
We guarantee a proper balance, quality, price, adapting ourselves to the foreseen budget for each type of company.
Results guaranteed by the many advertisers who renew every year the visibility of their products or services and discounts "First Entry" with offers reserved for advertising agencies.

Verifiable data with automated reports managed by the Google software DFPDFP di Google.

Traffico certificato da AUDIWEB 

Traffic certificated on AUDIWEB

Google Analitycs

Monitored traffic from Google Analytics

Here are some formulas for every need of visibility and budget:

Banner Campaign1. BY THE USE formula for short periods campaigns.

Banner campaign with a high pressure value concentrated in a short period, it is recommended for companies that have the need to concentrate a high visibility in a very short time, max 30 days, for example at trade fairs, exhibitions, presentations, product launches or services.
A high number of impressions to be generated in a few weeks at a very interesting CPM cost.

Banner Campaign2. LIGHT formula for long-term campaigns.

Suitable for advertising long-term campaigns (6-12 months), that enable the advertiser to ensure a minimum of guaranteed impressions for the entire period of the promotion and to receive for free the unsold views or those generated during the busiest moment of the portal. (even 100-500%)
Promotion by monthly cost, it continues with a guaranteed minimum and visibility surplus which consequently reduces the CPM cost below 1 euro. Read info.

Banner Campaign3. Formula BRAND with exclusive channel assignment.

Complete promotional package with exclusive assignment of channels from the publication portal of a "light formula" banner campaign for the entire contract period (12 months), coupled with a "high pressure" campaign in some periods chosen by the company.

High visibility for partnerships with advertisers leader in their sector, primarily  interested to prevail in terms of visibility on competition.

Banner CampaignOpzione. INFOBANNER for high conversion rates.

New and unique type of communication with a high percentage of clicks, created by our marketing studio for advertisers that mostly aim for visits to their website. (e-commerce companies, craftsmen etc.). This option can be chosen along with the booking of the formulas BY USE, LIGHT and BRAND integrating the INFOBANNER with the Corporate banner, so as to increase the CTR value (Click Throught Rate) and lower further the CPC cost. Read Info

Spazio BachecaAd Space bulletin board "Tips from the Companies"

Ad space bulletin board visible in the sidebar of every page of the portal, located in the "Tips from the Companies".

Small image with title and three lines of text, suitable for advertisers who, although have a limited budgets, need to be visible on all pages and services of our portal.

Very economical monthly cost with minimum booking of six months and possible replacement of the ad every three months.


Send a request to, indicating the desired formula. 


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