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Long Run Branding Banner Campaign

Long run banner campaign because a website has to be visited 365 days !  

Banner Campaign

For those who are oriented to the maximum exposure of their brand for long periods, we offer our Banner campaigns with LIGHT formula, which foresee a minimum of guaranteed contractual impressions and allocate for free the impressions in excess arising from the unsold and/ or from the most traffic of the portal, (100-500%).

Advertising campaigns of 6-12 months visible on all pages of the portal and its associated and on all available banner formats; 980x100, 970x60, 300x250, 300x250, compressed SKIN 1800x1600 pixels. Opzionale a richiesta anche i formati INFOBANNER, 300x250, 300x600 e 620x100 pixel.
Campagna banner per il Branding

Advertising campaign ideal for the company that has the need to :

  • maintain constant visibility for long periods;
  • pay a monthly fee without cost by impressions use;.
  • ensure a minimum of guaranteed impressions for the entire promotion;
  • take advantage of the free visibility surplus on the formula light;
  • It breakes down the CPM cost (cost per thousand impressions) even below 1 €:
  • It reduces the average CPC cost (cost per click) to below 20 cents / euro.

Features of the banner campaigns in light formula and examples of bookable packages.

The LIGHT banner campaigns are born from the ten-year experience of our experts in web-marketing and from the need of many companies to maintain visibility of their website 365 days out of 365, although their activity is concentrated only in certain periods of the year.

The economic costs of our offers compared to the prices charged by web competitors and the uninterrupted visibility banner LIGHT campaign without worrying about the number of impressions booked, allows the advertiser to devote himself primarily to the results of advertising and only to the periodic replacement of the creative concepts for their banner.

Examples of bookable packages for 12 months campaigns, with different priorities on the surplus light formula visibility :

  • 1,200,000 minimum  impressions guaranteed = standard priority on the unsold (+75% in 2012) Recommended for small to medium companies
  • 1,800,000 minimum guaranteed impressions = medium priority on the unsold(in 2012 + 150%) Recommended for medium to large companies
  • 2,400,000 minimum guaranteed impressions = high priority on the unsold (in 2012 + 300%) Recommended for large companies
  • 3,600,000 minimum guaranteed impressions = maximum priority on the unsold (+ 500% in 2012) Exclusive contracts for promotion.

NB quantitative impressions halved for six months campaigns

The formula provides visibility in all available banners formats, including SKIN (wallpaper).

Option information banner, to choose together with the light formula :


Option to choose together with the booking of the light campaign in order to increase the number of visitors to their website and consequently lowering the final CPC cost.

Designed by our marketing studio, the INFOBANNER are preconfigured advertising spaces with text and graphics identical to the information published on the portal that then integrate seamlessly in the sector news industry, with very good results in terms of user action.

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Send a request to [email protected], indicating the minimum guaranteed impressions.