Banner campaign for CTR

Advertising formats that invite the user to take action !  

Campagna banner per il CTREach type of promotional message content in banner creativity, can influence the user to take action and so to the following click.

This is because a too rich promotional message can already contain all the necessary information to be able to attract the attention of the User and so to consequently get a low CTR value (still no sign of negativity - read).

For advertisers that aim for a high CTR, our Marketing study has created the format INFOBANNER, preconfigured with graphics and text that are identical to the information published on the portal.


Ideal option for the company that has the need to :

  • increase the accesses to its website;
  • to reduce the average CPC cost (cost per click) below 20 cents/ EUR.
  • pay a monthly fee without cost by use of impressions;
  • ensure a minimum of guaranteed impressions for the entire promotion with the light formula;
  • take advantage of the free visibility surplus on the light formula;

Features of the info banner and available formats

Campagna banner per il CTR

The content of the information banner is perfectly integrated in the news of our web pages, so the promotional message appears as well, to the eye of the User, like a sectorial information, to click to find out more.

The information banner does not want to replace the brands  banner that are vital for any brand, but can be integrated for a higher CTR. (even more than 2 per cent). In the mixed campaigns, banner + information banner, it was found out that on average, the 73% of the total clicks come from the information banner and only the 27% from the banner.

Models and sizes for information banner :

620x100 pixel

Infobanner 620x100 pixel

      300x600 pixel                                                                                                                                      300x250 pixel

Infobanner 300x600 pixelInfobanner 300x250 pixel

The information banner can be chosen along with the light formula campaign, in order to increase the number of visitors to their website and consequently lowering the final CPC cost.

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