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Video Advertising: We interview your company

Video interview with your company's expert on the main features of your products and services

Communication in the digital age cannot only be entrusted to textual content alone (Content Marketing) and to static images.

This is because online browsing via smartphones and tablets is on the rise and therefore short, immediate and interactive content is what users tend to prefer: videos are therefore the ideal solution to attract the user's attention.

When it comes to some specific types of products or services it is necessary to provide the user with informative videos of a few minutes made with interviews with the company expert, with specific questions formulated by our journalists, (professionals in the sector), who know the problems and doubts of our readers.

Short video interviews with 8-10 questions, agreed in advance with the expert of your company, who can prepare themselves in order to provide satisfactory answers to the most common questions of our readers.

We will publish these interview on our Video channel and on Youtube and we will also share iton the most used Social Networks.

We can also include the video interview in the page of an advertorial article

2 million monthly users follow our news and our advice.

The video interviews are studied in advance by our journalists with the company's experts, in order to foresee the user's questions and doubts and therefore receive the utmost attention for the entire duration of the video.

Users watch our videos because they are interested in learning more about the details and characteristics of the products or services offered and therefore, consequently, they tend to request further information from the advertiser company.

Features of the Video Interview service :

  • Video Interview conducted by one of our journalists, a professional in the sector;
  • Online interview carried out remotely with the most popular applications (Zoom, Teams, Meet etc);
  • Max 10 questions and related answers agreed in advance with the company expert;
  • Post-production assembly by us with insertion of company logo and brand and expert name;
  • Sharing on major social sites;
  • Publication in our Video channel;
  • Video insertion in our Youtube channel;
  • Discounted cost for launching the service 850 € (instead of 1.200 €) until 31/12/2023, if combined with an advertorial article.
  • Newsletter option: Sending videos to our registered users.

Optional. Video interview + Advertorial article.

You can also publish the video in an advertorial article written by one of our sector journalists.View the features of the advertorial service.
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