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Exposure for companies in the home sector

Join the portal dedicated to home renovation and furnishing.

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Information influences our choices and our trust in brands.
The news that we see in magazines from "true, reliable, responsible and certified" publishers are very important for companies that invest in advertising.

Lavorincasa.it is an online magazine founded in 2000 and registered at the Press Court, read by over 2 million monthly users that always want to know more about designing, renovating and furnish their homes.

It is an ideal solution if you want exposure for your company or profession: we will let our readers know the characteristics of your products or services in the home, furniture and garden sector.

Get back links (do-follow) for the indexing of your web pages, choose our services:

Ricevi richieste di preventivi illimitate per 12 mesi
By registering you will be able to insert your company card, your product / service sheets (with do-follow link) and receive direct contacts from users who search on our pages or unlimited requests for offers from the "online quotations" service.

Proponi il tuo costo di ristrutturazione
Furthermore, (only for restructuring companies), it is possible to join the service "calculate the restructuring cost and compare the offers of various companies" in order to receive unlimited requests for quotations.

Registra la tua azienda
Register your company for free and decide later whether to join the

See also other promotional services suitable for every advertising budget:


Specialized editorial publications

Visibile su Lavorincasa.it e su Google

We publish exclusive reviews on the characteristics of your products or services, visible on our portal and indexed in the major search engines on the web. Direct do-follow links to your business site.

Visibility of your company guaranteed for 12 months on the editorial article page and publication of the showcase and the article for one month on our Home Page.  READ


Video Interviews with your company's  experts

Video Interviste

We publish video interviews with the experts of your company on the characteristics of your products or services and we publish it on our pages, on our Youtube channel and on social networks.

Optionally, visibility of the video also on the page of an editorial article 


E-marketing: Direct promotion to our registered users

Promozione nella nostra newsletter e DEM

With the NEWSLETTER and DEM you can convey commercial and promotional information using our database of registered users. It is possible to concentrate the campaign in very short periods, even of two days, therefore suitable for the launch of new products or services and for promotions and competitions.

Direct promotion, through a promotional box visible in our monthly newsletter or with a reserved DEM, to be transmitted to our registered users. READ SERVICE FEATURES


Banner campaigns suitable for any advertising budget

Banner ad lata visibilità

Book a banner campaign by choosing the formula that best suits your advertising investment. Large formats perfectly integrated in the sector information, bookable with the pay-as-you-go formula (for short-term campaigns 15-30 days) and discounted ones with light formula (medium and long-term campaigns 3-6-12 months).

Exclusive brand formula for high visibility campaigns for industry-leading advertisers, primarily interested in prevailing over the competition.

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