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Light banner campaign for savings

Long-term banner campaign, because your website must be visited 365 days a year !

If you are looking for to the maximum exposure of your company's brand for long periods, we offer you our banner campaigns in the LIGHT formula, which provide a minimum of guaranteed contractual impressions and assign for free the excess views deriving from unsold and / or increased traffic. of the portal, (75 to 300%)..

Advertising campaigns of 6-12 months visible on all pages of the portal and related associated services and with all banner formats available on the portal including the SKIN and on request with the addition of INFOBANNER formats.

The seasonal campaigns temporarily increase visits, but then we’re back to the starting point.
This is why we recommend our long-lasting light campaigns, a continuous exposure (Always-on) that normalizes the results because each potential user has his own path of intensity, speed, acceleration and pauses to decide on a purchase, where the transaction can also take place. after weeks or months.

Ideal advertising campaign for the company that needs to :

  • maintain constant exposure from maximum pressure for long periods on our portal;
  • pay a monthly fee without worrying about the cost related to the quantity of impressions booked and generated;
  • contractually ensure a minimum of guaranteed impressions throughout the promotion;
  • take advantage of the surplus of free visibility (from 75 to 200%) granted by the light formula;
  • Reduce the final CPM cost (cost per thousand impressions) even below 2 - 3 €;
  • Reduce the final average CPC (cost for click) even below 25 cent/euro.

Features of the light formula and examples of theavailable packages.

LIGHT banner campaigns are born from the ten-year experience of our web-marketing experts and from the need of many companies to maintain constant visibility of their website 365 days out of 365, even if their activity is concentrated only in certain periods of the year.

The economic costs of our offers compared to prices implemented by other portals and the uninterrupted exposure of the LIGHT banner campaigns, allows the advertiser to focus mainly on advertising results and only periodic replacement of the creatives relating to their banners.

View the data of our web traffic and the target of our average user.


Free Infobanner OptionOpzione infobanner

This option can be chosen for free with one of the aforementioned formulas, integrating our INFOBANNER format into the available creatives, (the new and exclusive type of communication with a high click rate created by our marketing studio), in order to increase the CTR value, consequently lowering the CPC costSee the available formats

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Telefona al 081 193 22 552

Invia una richiesta per e-mail a [email protected], indicando la formula scelta con le impressions minime garantite.